Posted by: history591twenty3 | June 10, 2007

Pilmouth, Mayflower 2, and The Rock



the rock


     The first stop was the rock of Pilmouth Rock and Mayflower II.  I had imagined the rock to be huge and noteworthy but alas no.  The rock was interesting and hopefully it will be around for another thousand years.



mayflower 2

The Mayflower II was smaller than I thought.  The Mayflower looks big in history books and advertisements.  The Pilgrims must have gotten along since they were in closed quarters with the others as well as the animals. I kept thinking nof the smell in the living quarters or if they lost their senses of smell. 

     The next stop was like going into time. The experience helped me to understand the difference the people lived in this area such as the Puritans and the Native Americans.  The animals were different than the animals of today.  I found this amazing.  Man is still trying to change the environment forward or backwards.

I found the Native camp more to my heritage.  In fact, I felt very comfortable with them.  I was able to have a long and private talk with Robert and Nathan.  I volunteer with El Pueblo Museum during the Mercado.  I have portrayed a local Native, doing the cooking and explaining the different tasks a Native American would be doing during this time period.  We were able to talk about the differences and similarities of the public, time periods, and how we are all connected.  What an experiences!!!!

  The Puritan village was a paradox of their religion and the need to be armed.  For example, their house of worship was plain and simple at the bottom floor while on the top floor were the cannons and gunpowder.


    I enjoyed the opportunity of having a traditional Puritan dinner (festival).  The order of the food served was a bit confusing at first.  I asked why deserts were served in the middle and half way through the end of the meal.  The Puritan woman response was the order the dishes were cooked, first, the baked goods, fried goods, etc. because the heat of the fire in the fireplace.


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