Posted by: history591twenty3 | June 15, 2007

Day 5-Colonial Life in Maine

          Going to Maine was a great trip.  I learned about the construction of a fort and the aspects of a dig.  Tad was very helpful in explaining his dig.  What an experience!!  That must have been a dream comes true.  The artifacts at this site were very fascinating such as arrowheads, cannon balls, skins of animals, etc. The fact that inspired my curiosity was the well in the section of the house in the fort.  The beginning of indoor plumbing!! 

 Maine     Maine 2     Maine 4   Maine 5

     The next stop was Fort William Henry built in 1692.  I had thought the forts were constructed with wood.  This fort was constructed with stone.  What a change but not lasting since they used poor quality of mortar.  The fort could not withstand an attack.  I understand why the fort was constructed but what a view.   I found the big stone in the tower unusual.  I kept wondering where they were able to get the technology to build this fort and the use of the stone. 


Maine 6     Maine 7       Maine 8  

     The next stop was the oldest and still running lighthouse.  The lighthouse was so small.  I have always imaged the lighthouses to be huge.  Going up the stairs was an experience but coming downstairs was alarming.  It was so narrow and confining.  I could not imagine a big man going up and down the stairs every day to light the lanterns of the lighthouse.  I also wondered where the man would live. 


Maine 9        Maine 10      Maine 11     Maine12  

     The last stop was Old Fort Western.  The tour guide was very knowledgeable of the fort and the life in the fort.  He demonstrated the loading of a flint lock rifle.  Now, I realize why it took so long to reload.  The guide also explained why the tower was facing the river, for defense when other people would use the river for attacks.  He also explained about using the boat and how they would move the boat from the fort to the river, using two oxen and two long and thick poles to roll the boat onto the river.  I also asked about the river and the direct it flows.  I did not know it changes directions and you just have to wait until it changes to the direction you want to go.                 


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