Posted by: history591twenty3 | June 15, 2007

Day 6-Old Sturbridge Village

    D. 6-1                          village 1                           villiage 4           village 2         villiage 5

     Old Sturbridge Village was a living history village.  The use of a saw mill using water was the highlight of the village for me.  The man doing the cutting of the tree was very enlightening.  I will be able to explain to my students the whole process.  The other part of the village was the piggy jail.  I thought that was so funny but a necessary part.  This reminded me of the lecture by the professor from CU and how animals caused so much conflict in the colonies.  The pottery maker was engrossing because I have done pottery.  I especially enjoyed looking at the kiln he used.  It reminded me of a giant beehive.

     The next activity was making cloth.  I especially enjoyed watching her weave.  This reminded me of my grandmother who used to do weaving.  The next activity was printing.  This was so important for the colonies to get news out to the people.  Also, we learned about book making.  What a fantastic activity!!  The next activity was a thaumatrope.  I could see how children of that age would enjoy this optic illusion.  In fact children of today still enjoy optic illusions.  When I teach Psychology, I do a chapter on optic illusion and the students enjoy this so much.

     The next activity was preparing a 19th century meal over a hearth fire.  This was the most enjoyable activity of the whole trip.  As a group, we learned our strengths and weakness with this activity.  I love cooking in a hearth.  I volunteer for El Pueblo museum.  I love making tortillas in the hearth!!  I have made over 300 tortillas in the two days of the Mercado.  I have made bread, pies, and chili during the Mercado.  I sometimes think I was born too late.  I should have been born in the nineteenth century.



  1. Dolores,

    What great pictures! I agree with you 100% on the saw mill. I was intrigued by the whole dynamics of the mill! Ryan

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