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Day 7-Lexington and Concord

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     The museum at Concord was the house of the relative of John Hancock.  The story of John Hancock and Samuel Adams sharing a bed seemed odd but I had to remember the time period where sleeping in close quarters was expected because of the weather and lack of room.  The idea that John Haddock having many trunks of clothing seemed strange while Samuel Adams only having one set of clothes.  I thought Samuel Adams had more resources than what he had.


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     The different Taverns were not what I had imagined.  I thought the taverns would be bigger and containing more liquor.  The news advertisement being posted in the taverns was new to me.   The two different taverns were similar.  The patriots must have spent many hours at a tavern especially during the start of the revolution to get news and to strategies besides drinking. 

     I have heard stories that the statute of the patriot at Concord is the likeness of Captain Parker.  The statute makes the patriots look strong and ready to fight.  What a great symbol!!  The men must have been very brave or just stupid.  Since the colonist won, they must have been brave.  The battlefield now seems so calm but at the time of the battle, it must have been confusing and disorganized.  The park ranger kept saying Concord was a tragic event. 


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     The next site was the battlefield in Lexington.  The area seemed so quiet.  The park rangers were dressed as a patriot and a British soldier.  What a difference in uniform.  The patriot had no uniform while the British soldiers look like a professional soldier.  I understand why the British thought they would win this conflict.  The patriots were so disorganized at first but later became a force that the British could not defeat.


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     The next stop was the North Bridge area.    The park ranger explained why the bridge had been reconstructed but just walking across the bridge was very moving to me.  I kept wondering about the men who lost their lives on both sides.  When I asked about the bodies of the British soldiers on the other side of the bridge, I was surprised to hear the bodies were still at the site but the marker is on the wrong location.  In fact their graves are in the pathway.



  1. Visiting these sites (Battle Road) was a surreal experience. It was hard to imagine that those peaceful pastures had witnessed battles and bloodshed.

    Linda Miller

  2. Dolores,

    I, too, liked the statue of the minuteman. It is pretty impressive. It is interesting about the taverns. I agree, I thiught they would have bigger areas for drinking. It appears tavern owners openned a room and that was it.
    Did you notice the Revere engraving in the Buckman Tavern? The figure on the ground in front was water colored black to represent Crispus Attucks. I have not seen that on any other reproductions. I thought it was a good day.
    Happy blogging.

    David H

  3. Hi David,
    I did not notice the engraving. Did you by chance take a picture of the engraving? The whole day was wonderful in fact the whole trip was wonderful. I have so many more stories to tell my students.

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