Posted by: history591twenty3 | June 16, 2007

Day 10-Boston Freedom Trail







     After reading the book about Paul Revere, I was excited to go to this site.  The house was not what I had imagined of the Revere’s.  He was not a rich man but a man with many enterprises.  I only thought of him as a silversmith.  When I learned he changed occupations was a surprise.  After listening to Gretchen Adams about Paul, it suddenly occurred to me Paul most have been ADHD.  Most of my students are ADD, SID, and ADHD and if Paul was my class, I would be looking at testing him.

     Paul’s writing was a glimpse of who he was.  He was a man who loved his family dearly and loved his wives.  He must have been a good businessman (from his inventories and house).  He seemed to have a good portion of charisma to be able to know so many people in different towns.  I believe he was an important man of the revolution.  He may not have been famous during his lifetime but he accomplished so much. 


 bunker hill

      Bunker Hill was great.  It seemed so peaceful when we were there, but I could imagine the conflict.  I did wonder if the battle only took a short amount of time or if it lasted long.  I sometimes wonder what future generations will think about us.



church    church 2  


church 3



 The Old North Church was very breathtaking.  The pews were amazing.  I did not realize the order a member would sit until this was explained.  If you donated a large quantity of money to the church and payed for the pew, the family would sit up front.  This seemed to be purely an economic means of getting funds for the church. 


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