Posted by: history591twenty3 | June 16, 2007

Day 8-Massachusetts Historical Society

Bill Fowler was the guest speaker on the French and Indian War.  The importance of the war was world domination of trade and economics.  For England, this was the start of the Industrial Revolution.  For France, it was to become a stronger empire through land ownership.  When Dr. Fowler started to talk about the meaning of Canada, I suddenly realize that I did not know the meaning of Canada (village from a local Native American tribe).  I have taught a section in World Geography on Canada and in the Middle School I taught Canadian history and this was the first time I learned the meaning of the name.

     France and England had been fighting over lands in the New World from Nova Scotia to the interior of the New World.   Whoever owned this land would be the most powerful nation of the time.  After Dr. Fowlers lecture, I did not realize that most of the battles were won or lost within twenty minutes.  I have taught the students that this war was a world war and the connections of each nation had on each other.  This lecture will be very useful in teaching this section in U.S. History.  I can add more specie to this part of history.

     I was not similar with broadsides.  The MHS staff did a wonderful job in get us acquaint of a broadside.  I will start to use this form in my classes.  What a wonderful tool.

     I enjoyed the presentation of protest and propaganda.  I teach the student about the importance of propaganda and a nation can use propaganda to cause a war or peace.   I also teach about protest and how this can change a course of a nation (I use the following nations as examples French, English, Spain, Mexico, etc.)


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