Posted by: history591twenty3 | June 16, 2007

Day 9-Boston Freedom Trail part I

     The Boston Massacre is another important section I teach.  I enjoyed listening to Dr. Robert Ellison.  His presentation will be very helpful when I teach this part.  I have not used the painting by Paul Revere.  I will start using this and show the students how this painting can be used as propaganda.  I will ask the students for their interpretation of the painting.  I will get the students to start thinking about current times and ask if we still use this type of propaganda. 

     I did not realize there were two early events that lead to the Boston Massacre.  It surprised me that the Sons of Liberty used the young boys to start trouble with the British soldiers and the law to not fire in a despite with a mob until an hour after the conflict. .

     The mock trial of the British soldiers of the Boston Massacre was a great activity.  I did not realize the soldiers had to stand in the back of the courtroom and the soldiers could not testify in their defense.  This would be a good exercise for the students.   I am surprised that the majority of the soldiers were not found guilt and those who were found guilt only got branded. 

     The Old South Meeting House felt like a church.  The exercise the Park Ranger had us do is another activity I will incorporate into my curriculum.  The different viewpoints of a Patriot and a Loyalist will help the students see why each side was so divided and why some of the events leading to the Revolution will make sense to the students.



old church


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