Posted by: history591twenty3 | June 4, 2008

Independence Hall


The highlight for me was the courtrooms.   I have my students do a mock trial from this time period and showing the actually picture of Independence Hall courtroom would be the hook I need to introduce this section.  The next picture would be the first Supreme Court room. I will ask what the differences and the silimarities of the two court rooms; why each courtroom concept would be important to our history; and why this concept is important to each of the students.  I would discuss due process and why this came about.  I would have the students scan the Bill of Rights and find the amendment with due process.



  1. Hey Delores,

    I enjoyed looking at your blog. It seems you have really gotten the picture thing down well now. I am still having a bit of trouble. I liked your idea about using the war monument to “hook” your students. Good idea! Talk to you soon. Sherri

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