Posted by: history591twenty3 | June 5, 2008

Valley Forge

The highlight of Valley Forge was the image we have of the cold, staving, ragtag army stationed at Valley Forge.  I will ask the students if they have ever heard of Valley Forge and what they know about the winter of Valley Forge.  I will proceed in showing a picture of General Washington at Valley Forge.  Then, I will ask the students what they can interrupt from the painting.  I will explain how we have romanticized this version of the story.  Then I will show the pictures of the shelter that the soldier built in approximately six to eight days.

I will show the picture of the soldiers and his full gear.  I will discuss the musket and have a guessing game of the weight of the musket (approximately 9 ½ pounds) and then the weight of the pack (approximately 50-60 pounds).    Then, I will ask the average age of the American soldier.  I will use the picture of the park rangers and poll the student (17 years).  I will find eyewitness accounts of the soldiers at Valley Forge and have the students write a reaction paper.   


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