Posted by: history591twenty3 | June 6, 2008

The Battle of Princeton

The picture would be the hook for the students.  I would ask why they built this monument.  What the significance of the different parts of the monument and possible what each section represent.  I would start to lecture about the Battle of Princeton with the following key points:

  • On January 3, 1777 the Battle of Princeton begins.
  • Several days later, the Continental Congress delegates left Philadelphia to a safer place.
  • British presence in New Jersey was limited to a small area.
  • The victory of the Battle of Trenton increased American morale.
  • The victory in Trenton helped Washington to understand how to fight the war most effectively by avoiding the main body of the British army
  • France was watching the progress of the war and determining if they would side with the rebels
  • Patriot General Hugh Mercers dies after the Battle of Princeton and significance of his death.

I will show the picture of General Mercers and explanation. 



    The end project, the students will get in groups of four and debate why the battle was a success for the Patriots and a failure for the British. 



  1. Great monument, but I prefer the simplicity of the single Minuteman at the North Bridge in Concord. I did overhear someone comparing this to Picasso’s Guernica and it seems to have been influenced by some european monuments.

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