Posted by: history591twenty3 | June 8, 2008

Franklin Institute-June 6, 2008

     The highlight of the Franklin Institute was actually touching, with gloves, the artifacts that Benjamin Franklin touched and own.  I will show the following pictures to the students and ask what they believe each object’s function and the importance to the colonial people.  I will also talk to the Science teacher and try to do some collaboration.

Why did Benjamin Franklin come up with the invention?  I will explain the importance of each of the artifacts.  I will have the students discuss the contributions Benjamin Franklin made during the eighteenth century.  How the inventions are affecting us today.  


     The next section of the lesson will be Benjamin Franklin’s contribution to the Revolutionary War, the Declaration of Independence, etc.  I will read certain sections from the book, Fart Proudly, Writings of Benjamin Franklin You Never Read in School.  Their assignment will be to write about the human Benjamin Franklin.  The last assignment will be to write a paper entitled, “Benjamin Franklin, a Man of all Seasons.” or “Benjamin Franklin a Man Before His Time.”











  1. You mean, you weren’t motivated by our electrifying speaker?

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