Posted by: history591twenty3 | June 8, 2008

National Constitution Center June 5, 2008

     I teach the male population of my facility.  Once a year, I get the opportunity to teach the female population at the facility.   I have tried many different approaches to get the females interested in history especially colonial times and have found this difficult to approach.  After listening to Carol Berkins, I have found hope in finding information that maybe the students would be interested.  I will present a picture of Carol Berkins and ask who she is.  Then I would present information from both her books:  Revolutionary Mothers and Inventing the Constitution.  I will ask the females why women have been unequal in our society according to Carol Berkins: 

1)  God

2)  Culture told women the rules of society

3)  Science-women’s brains are smaller and weak so therefore can not hold rational           


     I will write their list on the board.  I will save the list and compare their thoughts to the thoughts of their reaction paper.  Then, I will precede and have a debate.  On one side the students will find information for the 3 statements while the other side will find information against.  After the debate, I will have each student write their reaction to the statements and if the student agrees or disagree and why.




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