Posted by: history591twenty3 | June 8, 2008

Washington’s Crossing-June 7, 2008


     The hook for this lesson would be the picture of General Washington crossing the Delaware.  I will display the picture and ask the following questions:


What do you think the title should be?

What is the point of the painting?

If you are from another country, what would you think the artist wanted to portray about this event?

What is the focal point of this painting?

How does the artist represent the emotional and important aspects of the American Revolution from this painting?

How did the artist create drama and crowded space?

As the viewer, where would you be in relation to the boat?

How does the artist take us back into time?

Is there movement in the painting? 

What is the weather like?  Do you feel the cold breeze?  Why or why not?

What time is the crossing taking place?

Is the flag waving?


     I would discuss, the effect of George Washington standing.  We would discuss if standing was actually or just dramatize for the effect of the viewer.  We would look at the light, the silhouette view, and where their eyes will focus.  The oars and flag help us to focus on General Washington standing.  The impression of General Washington standing as strong and solid forceful commander, illustrates to the viewer that General Washington was calm, comfortable and in command of the operation.  Their assignment is to write an entry in a diary as if the student was in the boat.  The second part of the assignment would be a reaction paper of the impossibility of the painting being realistic.




  1. Dolores:

    Now that’s good blogging!

    I hope you know you can get a much better picture of teh painting off the Internet, right?

  2. Dolores, I like your idea of discussing the painting in this way. I think your students will get a much deeper undertanding of it when you are done.


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