Posted by: history591twenty3 | June 10, 2008

The Philadelphia Museum of Art June 8, 2008

     The time we spent in the museum was an overload of information and selecting one part to write about is a challenge.  Off in a room there were three tiny figurines that caught my attention.  The figurines were a caricature of the time period.  This will be the hook for the students.  I will explain that a caricature is a look-a like picture of a person and usually a famous person is portrait.   I will discuss all the different forms of media used to be used in this type of caricature such as newspaper, paintings, sculpture, etc.    I will have the students consider how and why caricatures are constructed and the purpose.  The student will study the pictures and try to guess the similarities and difference.    

     The students will answer the following question (written or orally)


What makes an event important?

 Do you think the image is effective?  Why or why not?

 What makes a person important?
 What is a hero?
 Who decides who or what deserves to be commemorated?
 What is the function of a public memorial?
 Who does it serve? What effect does location have on who will see a public    memorial?
 Is history the truth, or an interpretation?
 Can there be multiple versions of a single historical event?


     I will lecture on political cartoons and how this form is a powerful idea often in a humorous, enlightening manner, by incorporating the events of the period into an easily understandable format most people could relate to even with limited reading abilities. I will have the student research early political cartoons using caricatures.  Their assignment is to draw a caricature of an event or person of the Revolutionary War, write why they choose the person or event, and what they have learned from this form.





  1. Dolores, you have some great ideas on how to use these caricatures. Thanks for sharing!

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