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APS and Atwater Kent Museum June 10, 2008

The American Philosophical Society (APS) was founded in 1743 as a discussion club of a wide variety of disciplines.  The society had become inactive until 1767 when the society had a revival. The society united with the American Society for Promoting Useful Knowledge and changed the name to American Philosophical Society Held at Philadelphia for Promoting Useful Knowledge and elected Benjamin Franklin as the first president of the organization and seventy five percent of Benjamin Franklin’s writing is found in the society.  Early membership included George Washington, John Adams, Thomas Jefferson, Alexander Hamilton, Thomas Paine, David Rittenhouse, Benjamin Rush, James Madison, Michael Hillegas, and John Marshall.  Other members who were after not U.S. citizens were the Marquis de Lafayette and Baron von Steuben. 

     Francis Hopkinson took over the society after the Revolutionary War.  He was able to receive land from the government of Pennsylvania as well as the land in Philadelphia where the Hall now stands.  The society continues to draw people to the organization from scientific to literature as well as world leaders.  You can apply for membership if a member from the society nominates you.  The membership is elusive. I found the original drawings interesting.  This would be the aspect I would use.  Using Lewis and Clarks account would be the key of the different drawing of animals.  

The Atwater Kent Museum (also known as the Atwater Kent Museum of Philadelphia) was founded in 1938 as Philadelphia‘s city history museum and open to the public with a minimum amount.  I found the information informative.  I would probably talk about the shackles and ask what the objects are first then go into the lesson of slavery.  I would show the picture of John Brown and ask why he would be important in slavery.  What a wealth of information.               




  1. I like the links, Dolores.

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