Posted by: history591twenty3 | June 14, 2008

Lecture and Self Guided Tours

     The lecture from David Waldstreicher was very informative and very useful for my lecture.  I will use the information to hook my students into the life of colonial life and what was acceptable at the time.  I will challenge the students to be bold enough to follow their hearts (legally) such as Benjamin Franklin.  I had no idea Benjamin Franklin had slaves.  Ben Franklin owned a husband (Peter) and wife (Jemima), Othello (who died young), King, and George because this was expected as a wealthy merchant.   Benjamin Franklin in 1787 decided to free his slaves and become the president of the Pennsylvania Abolitionist Society in the year 1787.  In 1789, the organization petition Congress to stop slave trade. 

     The earlier life of Benjamin Franklin is a story worth informing the students.  Benjamin Franklin was just one man who made a big impact on society even from his early life.  The story of Benjamin Franklin leaving his bondage from his brother as a fugitive would be a powerful story.  I will be able to use the information David Waldstreicher gave us for my class.


     The next lecture by Robert Engls information will also be useful concerning the Civil War.  Dr. Engls point of the slaves denied access to write their account of their lives was inspiring.  Since slaves could not read or write, he made a great point to me.  I will also use Dr. Engls two myths of the Civil War.  1.  Mr. Lincoln did not free the slaves 2.  Emancipation Proclamation was a hoax because it had no legal stand and Mr. Lincoln could not enforce the proclamation.  What great information, I will use in my lecture.  The whole lecture was inspiring.  I will be able to change my lecture notes to add more information attained from Dr. Engls.  Thank you for having the lecturers.  I will be able to jazz up my lectures with the information learned from lectures.


The self guide was a great learning exercise.  Darlene and I went to the Quaker Meeting House.  A gentleman was answering questions concerning the House and Ben Franklin.  They had an instrument like an organ with glass bowls.  He explained the series of different size glass bowls are on a spindle.  The instrument is played by running wet fingers on the rim of the bowls. 

     The gentleman explained Ben Franklin helped fund the building of the church because Debra was a Quaker (Mr. Franklin was a Puritan).   Mr. Franklin would go to services with Debra and the children.  We went across the street to see Mr. Franklin’s grave.  At 7 pm., we went to a Quake service.  I found this very peaceful.  In all, this was a great experience.  I will incorporate what I learned today in my lesson plans (most of the information was relevant to what I teach).     




  1. I thought it was so interesting that there was controversy over whether or not BFranklin had slaves. Of course I question the reason he had slaves. We were told he had slaves because “it was expected of the gentry.” Again I say poppycock. Not every single person in the colonies had slaves. What about principles, committment, and simply being true to yourself. I think he had slaves because he enjoyed having slaves and probabley felt it was his due .

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