Posted by: history591twenty3 | June 17, 2008

Winterthur June 12, 2008

     The lecture from Cathy Matson on the consumer revolution was very revealing of the importance of consumers’ control of the economy.  I found the information about labor a very important part of the consumer revolution.  I did not realize how important this was until the lecture.  Labor determines the need to an area for instance the use of slaves in the South to grow the luxury items such as indigo, alcohol, tobacco, sugar, and the different types of grain.  The use of indenture labor was short lived because the servant blended in so well compare to the slave.  Dr. Matson made many good points about the formation of a society because of labor needs.  I will be able to use this information to demonstrate the importance of labor especially in the South.

     The Winterthur estate was breath taking.  The estate designed by Henry Francis du Pont and his father Henry Algemon du Pont.  The design was using the eighteenth and nineteenth century European country houses.  The estate has many antiques from furniture, china, etc.  The main house has hundred seventy-five rooms.  What an amazing design for only four people living in such a big estate.  The different types of plants are a haven for all kinds of creatures.  The best part of the tour was the Touch-It Room.  The main purpose of the room is to teach the future generations how the object is made and the amount of craftsman ship for each object.  I will have the students compare the difference of the objects of today to the objects of yesterday.  Which object will last the longest?  Why was the object made?  Which object did the student like and why?


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