Posted by: history591twenty3 | June 7, 2010

June 4-Museum of the City of New York


      The Museum of the City of New York, main display of Cars, Culture, and the City probably appeal to the male and female students interested in cars.  Some background information presented to the student concerning the car as a rich man’s toy, the reasons for roads, the problems of the horse, etc.  The idea the museum in 1930s staffed by 70% WPA workers.  All the information presented about the museum and the possible uses in the classroom.   

     I particularly enjoyed the grid game with the players placing the different sections of the city on the grid without conferring with the other groups.  A wonderful idea to get the students out of their comfort zones, start looking at why cities are formed; organized or just placed haphazard and explain the reasons for their community’ city planning.  The other activity, using pictures of the time period, getting the students to explaining the similarity or differences of the pictures by giving a title with an explanation, and presenting the final project to the other groups  I plan to use these activities in my class.

     I had the opportunity to go to the Empire State Building and explore the view.  Just imagining the Empire State Building being the tallest building of the time seemed an achievement for the time.   The Empire State Building completed in four hundred ten days, remarkable.   Today, the Empire Building appears miniature compared to the other buildings.      



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