Posted by: history591twenty3 | June 10, 2010

June 5, 2010 Tour of Harlem and the Bronx



     The tour of Harlem surprised me because the bad press about Harlem having a big drug problem and being dirty.  The area we toured emerged cleaner than the streets of Manhattan or Brooklyn and the people took pride of their area.  Maybe the stereotype image exists in the other areas that we did not tour.  In fact most of the areas we have toured made the appearance that New York City is clean with some graffiti, no gang problem, etc.  I want to know the other side of New York City not the tourist type of tour.  Like all cities, New York has its problems.   Kenneth Jackson made it sound that New Yorkers tolerate the differences of each groups of the city and women have made the city safer. 

     The experience of the overwhelming masses of the city is beyond words.  The people appear tolerate of the tourist.  Kenneth Jackson made many good points about the city “growing up” since most land is now occupy with huge skyscrapers.  The amount of money for rent in the building, made me wonder how much the New Yorker earns. 

     I found the story about Fidel Castro staying in Harlem, while attending the United Nations, and bring his own chicken a hilarious story.  Has Castro come back to the U.N. and continued to stay in Harlem since the 1960s?  Have other delegates stay in Harlem as a protest to the United States and when?   Today delegates, do they stay in different parts of New York and which parts?      

     The exciting part of the tour consisted with going to lunch in little Italy.  An interesting area with much of the old ways of fixing food still intact, the food was good.  The people very charming, helpful and willing to take pictures illustrated their heritage still intact. I went to Giovanni’s of Arthur Avenue and had a wonderful pizza called Foccacia.  A different type of pizza because it had no cheese, the toppings consisted of ground plum tomato and basil, garlic, and olive oil. For a lesson plan, I would use this as an international project, first selecting groups and researching the area and presented their nation to the rest of the class.  The final project would be an international day with the foods of the area.    




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