Posted by: history591twenty3 | June 10, 2010

June 6, 2010 Metropolitan Museum of Art



     The museum held many different time periods to explore.  The problem existed with not enough time to explore the entire museum.  The tour held many wonders in art of the United States and painting depicting the early colonial era.  The second floor held wonders of different artifacts such as tea service, etc., a wealth of information.  


    I also teach world history and the display of King Tut and Queen Hatshepsut had me hopping for joy!  The biggest impact for me was the King Tut display.  It held many wonders of the boy king.  The sandals and jewelry displayed reminded me of today’s sandals and jewelry for women.  An amazing comparison on how articles of clothing and jewelry do not change but reinvented, suiting the time period.  A lesson plan would compare and contrast the articles of clothing of the different time periods with today.  Another sections of Egypt artifacts consisted of Queen Hatshepsut stone lion.  A thrill to see and take pictures!


     After exploring the museum, we went to the United Nations building.  The flags were not on display but a wonder in which so many nations talking and trying to prevent wars.  The area appeared busy with tourist with some




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