Posted by: history591twenty3 | June 11, 2010

June 7, 2010 walking tour of Wall Street and Colonial New York



     The walking tour of Wall Street and Colonial New York, an interesting adventure held many surprises.  Ed O’Donnell, a very knowledgeable and interesting person, was an ideal person to do the walking tour.  The biggest surprise was New York being called the “Big Onion” because of the many different layers of New York. 

     Many events happened in New York from the Dutch through today.  The idea of the clash with the British Regular actually started in New York without deaths.  The Sons of Liberty could not gain sympathy as did the Boston Massacre.  New Yorkers also had a Tea Party but after the Boston. 


      In 1776, New York had a great fire destroying many of the buildings, while the British forces occupied the city.  The British blamed the Patriots but no one knows the story as who started the fire.  About 400 and 500 buildings were destroyed.  Trinity Church was destroyed by this fire.  Other fires occurred in New York in 1835 and 1845.

     I found the different types of buildings astounding.  The reasons for the wedding cake type of building;  the people of New York believed the need for sunlight and fresh air was in part due to the horse manure in the city, people getting sick and plants not growing.  I now look at the buildings knowing why the buildings are a particular form.


     I had the opportunity to go to the Smithsonian National Museum of the American Indian in the U.S. Custom House.  The ceiling in the building was amazing!  The exhibits were well illustrated.  I watched a video on how to tan a hide.  Amazing the work the women of the tribe did in tanning the hides and making clothing.  A displayed showed the uses of buffalo and deer parts.  Another important display was the worth of a horse.            



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