Posted by: history591twenty3 | June 12, 2010

June 9, 2010 Lower Eastside walking tour



     The day held many new adventures.  The lower eastside was different from the other parts of the city because the different groups of immigrants remained and lived in the area.  The area had many different groups of people which settled at different time periods such as the Irish, Germans, Italians, Chinese, Jewish etc.  The reason the immigrants were allowed to stay on the lower eastside was the land was soggy and not worth the effort to revise by the main society.  I found this interesting because Pueblo and Denver’s eastside is the low income area, the area no middle or upper class people want to live.


     The highlight of the tour was Alfred Smith’s school and what he meant to New York City especially coming from the tenements.  If he had won the election as President of the United States, he may have changed some of the policies or he may have perfected and strengthen the spoil system either option he would have changed the nation.  I loved the story of Mr. Smith, rags to riches story.  A lesson plan on the pros and cons of Mr. Smith’s political life and the impacted he had on the United States.


      Ed O’Donnell stressed that commerce more than anything else influenced the growth of New York.  Later the African slave trade in New York helped strength the hold on New York’s commerce as well as cotton.  New York charged a tax on cotton to benefit the city of New York as well being the busiest northern harbor.


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