Posted by: history591twenty3 | June 14, 2010

June 12, 2010 Sagamore Hill


    The Theodore Roosevelt’s summer house Sagamore Hill appeared more welcoming than Franklin Roosevelt’s house.  The house felt more like a home.  Anna, Theodore’s sister, designed the house; she should have considered architecture as a career.  Anna, an important person in Theodore’s life, was the hostess for the different functions in the Roosevelt household when Alice died.  His first wife Alice died of Bright’s disease.   Alice died two days after their daughter Alice was born.  In fact, Theodore’s mother also died the same day.  For the rest of his live he refused to acknowledge Alice’s (wife) life He marries Edith in 1886.  They have five children.


     Edith must have been as strong willed as Theodore.  She managed the household budget and the home when he was away.  She granted Theodore an allowance of $20 a week.   She was a loving mother but stricter than Theodore.  She handled the busy life in Sagamore Hill as well as the White Horse.  Later, she handled the deaths of her sons and later Theodore.     


     The students will do research on the different stages of Theodore’s life.  One group would research his childhood, his years in Harvard, his family life, and his years in the White House, the Bull Party, and his later life.  The students will present their project to the class.  The last project will need a long piece of butcher paper and have each group draw a timeline of his life and seeing any overlapping.  The class will discuss how one person can make a difference.


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