Posted by: history591twenty3 | June 14, 2010

June 13, 2010 Cooperstown


     Our first stop, Baseball Hall of Frame, concerned baseball and the impact it has on the United States.  The museum educator had a wealth of resources and curriculum to be used in the classroom (online) using baseball such as statistics, advertising, history, etc.   A definite must to visit and use the information available for educator.  I will be recommending the site to the teachers I work with on Monday.  My students will be thrilled with the new information I will present (My classes are all males).


     I especially enjoyed going through the women baseball selection.  The video A League of Their Own helped me to understand the importance of baseball during World War 2 and how the United States tried to eliminate the Women’s League after the soldiers came back.  Women did not get recognize for the contribution in baseball until later in history.           

     The Farmer’s Market was fun to explore.  I volunteer at El Pueblo Museum as an 1820 Native and worker at El Pueblo and I know how difficult working with the public.  The interpreter did a great job in illustrating the life of that time.  My favorite was the blacksmith.  The blacksmith explained his job and illustrated his trade.

     The students will learn how to spin and weave a piece of material.  I know volunteers who can be guest speakers and illustrate the trade.  The students will write an essay about the experience and show their finish weaved product.


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