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June 15,2010 Fort Ticonderoga and Saratoga

Fort Ticonderoga was first named Fort Carillon.  Fort Carillon was built by the French during the French and Indian War.  The French believed this would protect them from the British from attack from the lake or from Lake George.  The French realize after removing trees, they built the fort in the wrong place.  While waiting for the construction of the fort, Marquis de Montcalm decided to attack the British at Fort William Henry.  Montcalm wins the battle.  The British seeking revenge, attack Fort Carillon under the command of James Abercromby.  Montcalm moves his forces west of Fort Carillon awaiting Abercromby’s forces.  Abercromby’s forces outnumber Montcalm by 4 to 1.  Abercromby is defeated by the French.

Later the British win Fort Carillon and rename it, Fort Ticonderoga.  Sir Jeffrey builds a new fort to the north at Crown Point.  The British use this fort as a garrison during the rest of the war.

During the American Revolution the fort sees action.   In May 1775, Ethan Allen, Benedict Arnold and the Green Mountain Boys make a pre dawn surprise attack on the British force in Fort Ticonderoga.  The capture of the fort is the first victory for the rebels.

The battle of Saratoga, the rebel’s commander Major General Horatio Gates and the British General John Burgoyne would face each other in September and October.  Under Gates, he established a defensive position.   Burgoyne’s army depended on the river for supplies so Gates used this knowledge to block the supply line from reaching Burgoyne.  Burgoyne moves his troops inland hoping to avoid a conflict since his supplies were low.  His troops crash into Gates’ army.  Gates’ troops hold up to the British until reinforcements arrived to help Burgoyne, the German auxiliary troops.  The British forces win but Burgoyne’s problem; the Patriot’s still block his move to Albany.  A second battle ensues on October.  Burgoyne has not received any supplies and the roads are bad due to heavy rainfall but he moves his troops toward Saratoga.  Gate’s troops follow and surround Burgoyne’s troops.  Burgoyne surrenders; a major victory for the Patriots because France will come into the war as an ally to the Patriots.

A possible lesson plan for the different battles would be a research paper on the number of troops involved and who the main players were.  Then divide the class into groups.  Each group will be responsible for one section of the battle and troop movements.  On a mini battlefield the groups will move their pieces as they explain the skirmish.


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