Posted by: history591twenty3 | June 23, 2010


The New York trip was an exciting adventure.  I learned so much about the different places we visited.  The most interesting places were Theodore and Franklin Roosevelt estates and how each estate differed.  I did not know Franklin was such a mama’s boy and Theodore a loving family man.  I teach U.S. History 2 and I lecture over each man, now I can add more of a human aspect instead of a quick overview of each man’s accomplishments.

The visit to the Museum of the City of New York held an interesting lesson plan for my Geography class, the grid of a city.  In class I explain the concentric zone model, sector model, and multiple nuclei model.  I ask the following questions:  What is the relationship between industrial areas and low-income housing?, Where would highways fit in each sector?, How would a river affect each sector?, and How do transportation routes and terrain affect the type of city growth?, How do parks and bridges help a city grow?  The exercise EY had us do will fit well with this lesson.

The walking tour with Ed O’Donnell held many surprises as the mixtures of immigrants at different times, settling the lower east side of New York.  Alfred Smith coming from the tenements made him so human.  In U.S. History 2, I lecture about him running for president but not his background.  Now I can make him a real man with faults but many accomplishments.

Central Park and the Brooklyn Bridge helped me to realize the importance of both landmarks and I will make numerous points of the importance of each in my lecture.  Pictures of Wall Street will help explain the importance of the exchange to the United States as well as to the world to my Economic classes.

The visit to the Metropolitan Museum of Art could have been a whole day.  There was so much to see in a little amount of time.  I spent most of my time in the Egyptian display.  I teach World History and I lecture about Hatshepsut and Tut.  The artifacts were wonderful!  The picture will help in my lecture.  The highlight was visiting this museum.

The whole trip was great.  I will be able to use the information I learned in my classroom.  My students will benefit from my experience in New York.  I went back to work on Monday and I have started to show pictures and share information I collected from the different sites to my students.


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